Ready to make the impossible possible?

The tiny, versatile hummingbird symbolises the Liberate™ programme. A hummingbird’s wings beat up to eighty times per second. They can rotate in a complete circle, allowing it to hover in mid-air, fly-forwards, backwards, up, down, sideways and even upside-down. The laws of physics say it should be impossible for the hummingbird to fly. Clearly nobody told the hummingbird.

The etymology of liberate
Late 16th Century from liber which means free.

Are you ready to expand beyond what you currently believe you are capable of?

Master the art of keeping in alignment with your purpose-mission-vision

Expand the comfort level of the actions you are taking without being paralysed by fear

Make incremental improvements in all 5 pillar areas of your life: health, relationships, career, personal development and wealth

Disentangle your self-worth from your work

Find freedom by expanding your capacity for wholeness and true authenticity by separating from the agendas of your ‘selves’ to regain real choice in your behaviours and actions.

Five frogs are sitting on a log

5 frogs on a log photo

There’s an old riddle that says five frogs are sitting on a log. Four decide to jump off. How many are left?

What’s your answer?

Take your time.

No rush.

Take a moment to consider your answer.

The answer is five.

Why? Because four “decided” to jump off. That’s all they did. There’s a big difference between deciding and doing.

What is the lesson you are coming to Liberate™ to learn?

Armour Authenticity

Coaching is often focussed on a situation, but without getting to the core of the problem, those situations replay out time and again. That’s why we work at the identity level ‘our selves’. When we change our own inner emotional landscape, our external world naturally responds. If you want to be respected by others, you must first learn how to respect yourself. If you want to feel loved, you must first learn how to love yourself. What is the lesson you are coming to Liberate™ to learn that will set you free to expand into what’s possible for you?

The Liberate™ Framework

When you have a compelling vision to navigate, a purpose that rigorously drives your passion, and a mission that fulfilling because it masters your natural talents, from experience I have found the only thing that gets in the way of you, is you.

This 12-month programme is not about offering all the things, it’s distilled into the most potent version I can conjure up.

Liberate Product FINAL

Liberate™ is open to Hannah’s 1:1 and Career Design Mastermind clients. The programme commences Friday 8th December 2023 for 12-months. There will then be the option to renew your yearly membership.

Coaching Circle

A 90-minute group coaching circle the last Friday of every month 12:00-13:30 (UK time). Circles will be limited to a maximum of six members to ensure that everybody gets the most out of the coaching. Calls will start with an embodiment practice, triage of coaching requirements, and will utilise a wide variety of coaching tools and techniques, including group and individual Voice Dialogue facilitation of selves.

Embodiment Practices

Our bodies hold important information about our thoughts, emotions and experiences. Embodiment practices are highly effective at reconnecting our emotional intelligence to our intellect, releasing fear, as well as accessing new powerful states. Embodiment practices will be included in every group coaching circle as well as a deep dive at the 1-day retreat. You will also have the option to volunteer at an Intentional Career 3-Day Accelerator live event and take part in embodiment classes and a refresher on Career Design Mastermind content.

Quarterly Five Pillar Planning

3 x 2hr quarterly planning online workshops (Q1, Q2 & Q3). Gather your learning of the previous quarter through a structure review process. Realign to your longer-term vision and check for any mission pivot points required in the present. Complete the 4-helpfuls list and pinpoint key milestones you need to hit the next quarter to meet your intentions whilst maintaining your boundaries and non-negotiables.

Yearly Planning Retreat

1 day in-person yearly planning retreat (November 2024, location TBC Manchester or London, UK). Create a powerful set of yearly intentions and present your Q1 2024 plan. Delve deep into embodiment practices to find your personal freedom. Challenge the boundaries of your fear and draw a new line in the sand. Share a delicious day of connection and community.*Tuition and full catering included in your membership, travel and accommodation (if required) not included.

Intention tracking

Every circle member will be issued with a yearly overview and monthly and quarterly planning Google sheets which Hannah will use to track your progress. The MOMENTUM app can also be used for accountability, Q&A and connection.


“What if I fall? Oh, but my darling, what if you fly?”

Erin Hanson

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