Our flagship six-month programme is designed for STEM and professional women to design a career for fulfilment with a mindset for leadership.

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Cohort 6 starting 1st May *SOLD OUT* - Register for cohort 7 of the Career Design Mastermind starting 1st October 2024.


Reinvent your approach and choose a conscious career path that enables you to make an impact and take control of your professional life by creating a blueprint for fulfilment.

Learn how to:

Disentangle your self-worth from your work

Identify what keeps you stuck and playing small, and understand how to move beyond it confidently

Uncover your natural talents to create a leadership pathway based on your strengths

Articulate your purpose, your mission and your vision to find clarity on your short- and long-term goals.

Master personal branding and positioning to create new opportunities and negotiate an above-market-rate

Read the book

Discover the key concepts to start your Intentional Careers™ journey

Take the scorecard

Receive a personalised report to transform your career design strategy

Join a live WebClass

Leave with three clear action steps and implementation plan

What is an Intentional Career?

There are a series of predictable and repeatable steps to creating an intentional career. From one that unconsciously unfolds in front of you, to a purpose-driven career that feels fulfilling.


The Career Pivots® Framework

Being a conscious architect of your career involves six strategic steps using our proprietary Career Pivots® Compass framework.


If you are considering, ‘what’s next?’ in your career, you are asking a much bigger question of yourself. The Career Design Mastermind™ is more than just a set of technical skills to win at being selected. While it has all of the practical elements you would expect, it is much more than that. An introspective journey to understand who you really are, and how to express your purpose in the world in six strategic steps.

1. Time & Energy Management

You can’t get the clarity you are looking for without carving out any time in your schedule for personal and professional development. Develop high performance accountability habits, supported by a dedicated app, to create the space to work ON your career while balancing the people and things that mean most to you.

2. Overcoming Limitations

If you design a career from eroded confidence, you are keeping yourselves small. Work through my VOICE™ methodology to identify and overcome your personal limitations so you can create a career from the most resourced place possible, opening up a treasure chest of new potential within you.

3. Leadership Pathways

Develop a leadership pathway based on your natural talents and strengths and find mitigation strategies for your blind spots. This will help you to identify roles which are a perfect match for you, designing more joy, flow, and excellence in your work. You will also identify how to flex your leadership and communication style to work more effectively with and through other people.

4. Career Pivots®

Make the shift from proving to adding value by connecting the 'dots' between your purpose, mission, and vision while avoiding the capability trap, disconnected vision, and values conflicts. Gaining crystal clear clarity on the next step to take in your career which is more fulfilling than the last. Knowing that every Career Pivot® you make will move you closer and closer to your blissful purpose.

5. Professional Positioning

Professional positioning is a way to create your next Career Pivot® using personal branding and online networking strategies. Alongside this step runs all of the practical elements of CVs, cover letters, and interview techniques.

6. Propelling Strategies

Implementing propelling strategies helps you to capitalise upon the transition by learning techniques to negotiate your salary, create a 1-year professional development plan, develop a 30-60-90-day transition framework which will increase your chances of being promoted within the next 18-months.

These six steps are a powerful guide but strategy is nothing without implementation. The Career Design Mastermind accelerator creates a high-performance environment, dedicated to one thing: action. When you delve deep into these six strategic steps and implement them with excellence, the clarity and changes you will make in your life and career will be profound.

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Join the next cohort of professional women defining their legacy.

Dr Catherine Holden

This course helped me to understand my own talents and passions, now I am able to purposefully shape the actions I take at work and confidently decline opportunities that are not aligned.

Dr Catherine Holden

Dr Maryam Tamaddon

Career Design Mastermind course was the best investment for my career.
I would 100% recommend it.

Dr Maryam Tamaddon

Kate Atkinson

If you ever get the chance to complete the Career Design Mastermind, take it. You will be amazed what you will learn about yourself. Literally life changing.

Kate Atkinson

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